Get in FLOW 

 Eliminate Stress and Find Peace with Biofield Energy Therapy

Hi, I’m Bianca!

Through Biofield Energy Therapy, Intuitive Guidance, and Magical Mindset Mentoring, I help my clients get out of their heads and into their hearts so they can finally let go of stress, confusion, and uncertainty and “Get in Flow” in Life, Love, and Business.

My journey from perfectionism, self-loathing, and inner criticism (mind chatter on maximum) to self-acceptance and even self-love (gasp!) brought me here :) 


My mission is to help you be the empowered entrepreneur that you are (or aspire to be), eliminate stress and confusion from your life, and replace it with peace, calm, security, freedom and creativity! I call this being in a state of “FLOW”, and I believe that it is the ultimate form of self-care, especially right now as we navigate the many challenges and changes of 2020 and beyond.


Step one:

give yourself permission

First, it's important to know that challenges will always come up. They are part of the human experience. They are also part of nature and show up as imbalances that come back into balance with a polarizing effect.

Did you know that challenge is an opportunity to level-up? For an example, just look at all of the collective (and personal) challenges we are facing in the world right now. To come together collectively and co-create an existence that is beyond survival, suffering and control is possible now more than ever. In fact, it's necessary! 


In general, when it comes to challenges and situations, you can only go one way or the other.

1) You can spiral deeper into a reactive response and into the challenge itself (causing lower vibration states), or

2) You can choose to face the challenge, notice what comes up, respond to it, move through it, and experience a shift consciousness that will support new opportunities for growth and positive change so you can move past it!

Of course, choosing option 1 or 2 can be either conscious or unconscious. When a challenge brings up a lot of emotions, usually there is a memory or a belief that is connected to the emotions which might cause an unconscious or reactive state of mind, therefore bringing you deeper into stories of dread, worry, fear or defeat.

A conscious choice would look like this: noticing the emotions, reflecting and contemplating the emotions, and then responding to the challenge from a higher perspective, or conscious state of being that can bring about a resolution, a positive change or beneficial shift for all involved. Making conscious choices takes responsibility. Not burden, but rather the ability to respond. You remain fully aware of the situation or challenge, but you do not succumb to it.


Being responsible (able to respond) versus reactive to collective and personal challenges and situations takes practice over time, but the choice to say YES to this personal work of self-realization and responsibility happens in an instant as soon as you do it. Doing so is also the most important step that sets the groundwork for "being in flow". 


What I am about to tell you is a Universal Truth that most of us deny. Contemplating it will bring up a lot of emotions. Emotions are messages. Messages are energy. Energy is moving information. Therefore, take this information in and feel its vibration. Let it bring up all of the "stuff"-- the beliefs and emotions and feelings that are uncomfortable. This Truth must permeate your physical, mental, emotional, vital and supra-mental "bodies" so that you can take massive aligned action in your life and toward a new future for us all. It's time to give yourself permission to believe that...

You are powerful beyond measure.

Give yourself permission to be powerful, deserving and enough.

The #1 action step that can harmonize your entire life: Give yourself permission to be 100% YOU, in all of your you-ness.


No matter what has happened in the past or what anyone has told you, it's your birthright to be enough. You are valuable, worthy and enough. Period. End of story.


Well, it's truly only just the beginning of the story, but it's also the end of an old cycle and pattern of suffering.


A statement of intention (focused information / energy) will set the stage for everything you do. It's like playing a new record in your mind. Any actions you take with this new record, this new belief in yourself, will build trust based on evidence you witness or experience as you move forward. You will at first be very aware of your thoughts and need to command this process, but eventually you will notice that you simply choose everything that you do and every response to any challenge comes from this newly "installed" belief. 


How do I "give myself permission", you ask? No need to overthink it. Just do it. Say, "I now give myself permission to be powerful, right, good, deserving and enough." That's step one...

Abstract Record

Of course there are many more step, but giving yourself permission to believe in yourself and to be YOU is a supportive and important first step. Surely it is the most important place to start if you currently have any record playing in your skull saying that you are not enough, or that you need to accomplish more, be more or be anything other than who you are to "have value" or be worthy of a fulfilling and meaningful life.


Along with step one, it can be helpful to contemplate what you want to feel and believe, notice what comes up, journal your thoughts and feel your feelings, so that you can dive in deeper. Through cultivating a practice of being aware of yourself, and all of the information (energy) within you (emotions, thoughts, feelings) and outside of you (environment and others), you will begin to notice more that you can shift! Gradually, you'll begin to gain a sense of more wholeness (instead of dualism and tug-of-war), self-worth and alignment of your values and core purpose, and you will naturally begin to resonate with the energy of this sacred Divine right: you are enough.

The natural blueprint that is uniquely yours will begin to activate and work in synergy with nature. Like an acorn that with the right conditions (water, soil, sunlight) grows into the mighty oak, you too will grow, evolve and shift into your infinite potential. The process of getting into flow is simple once understood, but it's definitely a journey!

Being in a state of harmony and natural flow with all of creation begins with permission, intention and focus on what you DO want, rather than the "issue", "problem" or what you do not want. Seriously. It's that simple, but at first, it will feel tough when "stuff comes up"--emotions, feelings, fear and other "limiting" thoughts and belief loops. Pay attention to these! They must be acknowledged, processed and integrated into the whole of who you are. There is no big red button to push to make it happen in an instant, but there are definitely ways to shorten the length of time it takes to develop this "muscle". So ask for help!

Will you answer your calling?

Inner struggles, challenging situations and physical symptoms always come up for one reason: growth. There is no such thing as a perfect life without uncomfortable experiences because that's how we grow and evolve. If "stuff comes up" for you personally then at that point, it's time to take the challenge head on and move through it. It's like the Universe is asking, "Are you ready to stop reading the same old chapter over and over again?" It's an opportunity to turn the page and begin a new chapter in your life. Why? Because the world needs you. It's not as easy as just turning a page though, is it? There's a bit more to the secret sauce, of course. But seeing challenges as a blessing in disguise can change everything. In the darkness we become illuminated. This is the antique key that unlocks everything! This is a very important Truth. Just look around at anyone who is doing what they love or making an impact in the world. What did they have to do to get to where they are right now? I bet they had to go through a "dark night of the soul" and say yes to their inner calling. As you can see around you, the entire world is having a dark night of the soul. The current world situation is exposing what is. You are a part of this and it is happening within you too. It's time for humanity to awaken and transcend. Every human counts. So will you give yourself permission to answer your inner calling? You are needed.

Ultimately, it's up to you because you have free will choice, but we are exiting the paradigm of "doing everything on your own". We have been taught to do things with force ("hard work pays off") and to be independent. When in reality, POWER-- the energy that flows through us without any hindrance (Trust), and connection is what is needed! There is work involved, yes, but it's the opposite kind of work than what you would expect. It's like an unlearning process, really. The message that comes through is "What do you want?" When you give yourself deep, loving permission to be yourself and want what you want it is going to upgrade your life, allowing you to get support and resources to answer your calling! Feel into that vision for a moment. What would you do if you had $9 billion dollars? It's not about the money, it's about what you would do with it and how it would make you feel. Are your everyday choices different? Do you feel free, joyful, appreciated and connected? I dare you to start living that way right now and see what unfolds. What are your values and what do you really want? Live for that every single day. And when "stuff comes up" powerfully BE WITH IT and feel into it...move through it. If you want to learn exactly how, try Biofield Energy Therapy...

The possibilities are infinite

22 Real Client Results

  1. More energy, feeling lighter and happier

  2. Overall sense of peace and calmness

  3. Having profound dreams, visions and breakthrough moments

  4. Doing more creative projects and feeling inspired

  5. Finally finishing projects that were put aside

  6. Positive changes in personal life, relationships and business

  7. Discovering more purpose and meaning in life

  8. Newfound clarity, validation, empowerment and confidence

  9. Manifest a new job, clients/customers or resources out of the blue

  10. Feeling validated, seen, heard and understood by self and others

  11. Improved relationships with family, friends, spouse or partner

  12. More feelings of Love and appreciation

  13. Energy upgrades, including in consciousness and frequency/vibration

  14. Resolving feelings of grief and sadness

  15. Receiving money $$$ from expected and unexpected places

  16. Increased intuition + energy awareness in self, others and surroundings

  17. Overcome life challenges and other shifts with more ease

  18. Reduce and/or completely eliminate recurring anxiousness 

  19. Guidance, "downloads" and getting signs that you're on the right path

  20. A deeper connection to "Source/God/Universe/Divine/Creation" 

  21. Permanent positive mindset and habit shifts

  22. Bye-bye guilt + shame #YouAreTheHealer

*Due to the nature of the work, results vary.

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What is biofield energy therapy?

Biofield Energy Therapy supports the subtle human energy field within and around the body

to help restore the natural flow of energy.

*There are many types of Biofield Energy Therapy.

All of who you are, what you think and what you are made of is energy. Energy is "information that moves". Since energy is constant and it is naturally "designed" to move. So when it's stagnant, held in place, sluggish, blocked or stuck, it causes disharmony in the environment or human energy field.


Energy is in a state of harmony when it is in a constant state of flow, or motion and working in coherence or symbiosis with the whole. This can see this in nature (moon cycles, seasons, ocean tides, flowers blooming and dying, etc) and within the human body.There are many ways energy moves through stages and cycles in order to work in flow and come into a state of balance and harmony as a whole.

When energy is clogged up within your physical or subtle energy body, it is sometimes called an "energy blockage". An energy blockage disrupts the natural flow of life-force energy from moving through and within the human body. Just like a sink drain pipe with a wad of hair stuck in it, the energy has a hard time flowing through, requiring more force and energy to push and move through the affected area.


Disharmony within the natural flow of life-force energy is a root cause of much physical, mental, and emotional pain and an overall lower-vibrational state of being.You might find yourself in the same kind of difficult or dangerous situation over and over again. Or you might hold self-limiting beliefs, suffer from recurring negative thoughts, or a variety of symptoms.Basically, parts of who you are feel like they are separate from other parts of you or having an inner tug-of-war or battle.

Some examples of disharmony (dissonance and fragmentation of energy) : 

  • Fear

  • A Feeling of Disconnection

  • Sadness

  • Anxiousness ("Anxiety")

  • "Depression"

  • Low energy

  • Emotional Roller Coaster

  • Feeling like "a part of you" is x,y,z (fill in the blank)

  • Feeling stuck in your life or in unhealthy situations

  • Issues in relationships and love

  • Personal stagnation

  • Confusion

  • Self-sabotage

  • Anger or frustration

  • Feelings of "not belonging", "not deserving", or "not being good enough or having enough"

  • Lack mentality

  • Money Issues

  • Business challenges


Biofield Energy Therapy helps clear away what no longer serves you + makes room for new energy that is in alignment with your greatest vision for your life. It's like a magical life upgrade!

REady for a 

magical life upgrade?

Learn a gentle, yet powerful way to actually get to the root cause of any stress or uncertainty that could be slowing you down, holding you back or stopping you from enjoying the life you desire.


Imagine...finally being able to eliminate energy blockages, “false limiting beliefs”, + old information that is no longer serving you so that you can step into your

True Human Potential = Power.
Fast-track your results, discover your higher calling, shine your light and begin living from your True potential in less time than it takes to complete an associate's degree!

Discover more + take a leap of heart...

*Book a Free 15-minute call to see if we resonate and if this program is the right fit for you right now.

P.S. you know more than anyone else what is best for you...

you'll feel a deep resonance in your heart, 

and the quality of your energy + vibration will expand 

There are multiple ways for you to encourage the flow of life-force energy and authentic creative expression in your life and there are many paths you can take to get there. Take a moment to tune into your body and your heart. Does this resonate with you? If not, then as you continue to notice the synchronicity and the many signs and opportunities in your life, you'll discover new interesting books, ideas, modalities and techniques. Whatever speaks to you-- go for it! I'm rooting for you! YOU are so worth it because you are more valuable than you may realize.Whatever path you choose, step forward.

Biofield Energy Therapy is just one powerful tool that can support you in fast-tracking the awakening of your potential. It is not intended to replace any other modalities, therapies or practices that you already do, but rather it adds to their effectiveness and integrates with the whole of your wellness journey.

“Life can be simple and fulfilling when you allow the mystery that is the natural and Divine unfoldment of the Universe to guide and support you."

-Bianca Diana


Client journey love

Ron P.


Before working with Bianca I had abandonment issues, I wasn't feeling loved or confident. Now, I like myself ( I didn’t before), I'm charging more money for my services, I have more confidence and energy, and I'm finding myself in more positive environments with positive people.

Angelique B.

Singer, Artist

I've spent my whole life going through different therapists and counselors and no one has ever been able to help me as proactively as Bianca has...Working with Bianca has allowed me to deal with my grief and move on from it...I’ve also learned how to love myself more fully and feel complete within myself...working with Bianca for even six months feels like 6 years. I can’t believe how much we’ve done together.

Daniel W.


Before working with Bianca, I had a lot of anxiety and stress, but now I have less anxiety, I’m more present, and I’m hopeful for the future and the potential growth it will bring. I’m also more aware of what I want. I know from firsthand experience that ignoring core internal issues can feel easy, but life is way too short to allow your life energy to be wasted battling and ignoring yourself...Even though the things being worked on can be heavy or difficult, I always felt an ease in the way Bianca approached the issue at hand.

I just want to give a shout out for Bianca's healing. She did a healing on me which was one of the most powerful healings I ever had. Her skill, her wisdom and expertise took me to a place and showed me some things I had never seen before. So if you get a chance, work with her. You’ll be glad you did. She's amazing and I highly recommend her. 

Tanya P.


Before working with Bianca I had lack of clarity. Since our session together I have more confidence in myself, and an inner peace and knowing that I’m not alone. Now I feel stronger and more determined to accomplish my goals. My favorite part about working with Bianca is feeling her energy like she was close to me. If you’re thinking about working with her go for it! You are gonna get to the place you want to be- faster and with much more fun!

Ozro H.

Confidence Coach

Bianca has an uncanny gift of seeing things in a way that helped me cut right to the heart of the problem. From there, she then helped me to release said blocks. Once those blocks were gone, so many other things started to fall into place. Prior to working with Bianca, one of my biggest challenges was being able to tap into my own feelings and clearly articulate my wants and desires to myself, let alone others. Three benefits I've experienced since working with Bianca are: 1) Acknowledgement and acceptance of my own feelings and emotions. 2) The ability to show up in a more authentic and natural way, minus the armor. 3) Developed the ability to turn into my past-self and forgive any mistakes I've made.

Kinga G.

Holistic Health Coach

Bianca is the real deal! She understands what I'm going through and guides me to go down to the limited beliefs that sabotage me from living a happy life as a single mom. She is practical and down to Earth with her practice, an amazing healer and a powerful coach. She really helps you get out of your head and into your heart. My favorite part about working with Bianca is her healing. Bianca is the Queen of healers. She understands the divine feminine energy. She will support you to fully embody your greatness and release any fear that is stopping you from moving forward. Since working with Bianca, my anxiety and fear dissipated, I'm more productive and energetic, and my relationship with self and children is more positive.

Glenn A.

CEO- Energy Awareness Training

SuSanna E.

Life Coach

Working with Bianca has allowed me to experience growing clarity and creativity about my business. I’m able to move forward now and I’ve been able to show up for myself, feel like I’m doing well instead of feeling like I’m not doing enough, and I’m expanding faster (more inner up-leveling!). You'll love working with Bianca. She’s warm, supportive, fun, intuitive, spiritual, an energy healer, smart, empathetic, and collaborative both with personal and business life. Working with Bianca feels light and fun as well which helps with the emotional stuff. She will make it easier for you to take the leap because you’ll feel held and supported by her as your guide by your side. Working with Bianca has reminded me that yes-this is why what I'm doing, and stepping into doing, is so valuable. I love the spiritual energy aspect of working with Bianca. It's totally in alignment with what I believe in. She has this ability to tune in and look beyond the veils, this superpower that she has. She is loving, joyful easy to joke with, and it feels fun and yet I also feel that she has an intention and there is a path there. She is steering everything with purpose and intention- with a goal in mind.


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