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I’m Bianca!

I help self-conscious creatives master self-love so they can upgrade their life and share their vision, mission and calling.

My journey from perfectionism, poor health and self-criticism to having way more energy, self-confidence and love led me to where I am now and I believe that this type of shift is available for you, too!


My Vision is to help you become the empowered co-creator that you are capable of being by eliminating blame, shame and criticism so that inner peace, calm, security, freedom and success becomes your new baseline.


I call this being in a state of “FLOW”, where you can rise to each new opportunity for growth, no matter how challenging it may seem on the outside.


I believe self-discovery and personal growth are more important than ever before as we navigate the many shifts of 2021 and beyond. 


Support for conscious creatives on a mission



Magical Mindset Shifts go way beyond simple re-frames (or habit-forming) and bring your brain into the quantum field of possibilities to completely shift the subtle programs that are getting in the way of your unique life’s purpose or blocking you from taking massive aligned action.



Learn how to break the cycles and patterns of conditioning from your childhood that you were likely not taught at home or in school! (hint: these findings are grounded in quantum unified physics, epigenetics, neuroscience and biochemistry to name a few)



Biofield Energy Therapy dissolves, clears, and transmutes the information in your subconscious and energy field (energetic architecture) so you can soar beyond breakthroughs to experience lasting results. (This is my own unnamed Biofield Energy Therapy Modality.)



Custom-tailored support based on your unique core life blueprint which reflects the essence of your true SELF and informs your journey of self-realization during your lifetime. This is an intelligence beyond me that I will help you tap into and receive guidance from during our sessions together. You will develop your innate abilities and sensitivities to this  information so you can feel more grounded and clear on your life path.

client love

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Meri A.


"I have been on this self- discovery journey for 7 years. I have attended many workshops and programs and even got licensed as a Heal Your Life workshop leader and Life Coach. And yet what I experienced with Bianca is completely different. It is way more powerful and profound. I feel like it is a transformation on a cellular level. I went from feeling lost, looking for love in all the wrong places, and doubting myself and my ability to make the right choices to loving and trusting myself!

[This change] showed up in so many areas of my life: love and romance, business, relationships and family. And what’s more important is that the healing energy was extended to everyone in my family. I am grateful for that. If you are looking to achieve self-mastery then I absolutely recommend Bianca. This girl is a master at what she does! She is powerful, wise, caring, very intuitive and compassionate. She is a Godsend!"

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Angelique B.

Singer, Artist

"Working with Bianca for even six months feels like 6 years! I can’t believe how much we’ve done together. Before working with her I was feeling very empty as if a part of me was missing. I also felt overwhelmed by grief and stuck without a clear direction. [The Magical Life Upgrade Program] has allowed me to deal with my grief and move on from it instead of dwelling in the sadness. I’ve also learned how to love myself more fully and feel complete within myself. The best lesson has been learning to trust and deal with issues on my own while also feeling supported. I feel like my life has done a 180 degree shift. I’m overall a lot happier and I’m able to not only create and attract things with more ease now, but I am also able to deal with my problems and emotions in a more productive way. I feel transformed, for the better. With Bianca there is never any type of judgement. She is an angel and anyone would be lucky to have her."

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