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Passionate About Empowering Conscious Creatives: A Deep Inner Calling

As a creative professional, mom and recovering perfectionist, I know what it feels like to have a deep inner calling--an urgency to be a catalyst for positive change in the world, but to also feel lost, dis-empowered, and confused about what to do next or how to step into that role. I also had absolutely no idea what I was here to do for what felt like forever. So how did I get here? Some of my story is below. If you can relate or find my story inspiring, email me.

"What am I here to do? I don't feel like I belong here. Where do I belong?" That's what I used to think about in high school as I sat in my room drawing and listening to music. The answers started coming to me in 2001 through "automatic" writings and drawings (long story). Thus began my personal awakening and a journey toward self-realization. I became fascinated with my experiences, energy and the nature of the Universe, so I began studying Metaphysics.


However, I wasn't feeling confident in the messages I was receiving about what I was here to do: to help others. I still had so many unprocessed emotions from childhood, low self-esteem and some physical issues holding me back. How could I help anyone? I had a nagging inner perfectionist who was the queen of criticism, blame, guilt and shaming. My health was mediocre at best. I had blood sugar issues like hypoglycemic episodes, fatigue, and I suffered from Asthma and allergies so bad that I carried a box of tissues around with me. To top it all off, I had issues with emotional eating and, for a period of time, I lived the "stoner" lifestyle, smoking Cannabis every single day, multiple times per day. I was totally numbing my unprocessed childhood emotions and escaping from my own inner Truth. I felt like I wasn't good enough to help others and didn't have anything to offer.

Eventually, I got sick and tired of being sick and tired all of the time! So I studied health and nutrition and began to experiment with "body wisdom"and "intuitive eating" to name a few things...eventually, in 2016, I became a certified Health Coach with the intention to help people eliminate Asthma and allergies (like I did) through body wisdom and emotional processing.

I realized early on that helping people as a Health Coach was not my calling. It was only a part of the path that led me to where I am now.

Meanwhile, the other part of my journey was my career path. After graduating high school, I had decided to go the self-taught route. I felt like I couldn't fit my interests into a "typical profession" and therefore I couldn't figure out what in the world I was here to do! So rather than go into college debt, I became a direct service professional and caretaker, working with adults with developmental disabilities.


I've had some interesting gigs...portrait photography...a Network Operations Technician for a family-owned DSL, Fiber and Phone company... the list goes on and on. But I always came back into the Human Services field.


Eventually I was promoted to management...and then there I was, "boss" to about 30 staff....I had a 24/7 phone...I had VERY little time and so I had to learn energy and time management. I learned to navigate my inner perfectionist and I got tons of experience and developed mad communication and collaboration skills.

But I was feeling called to do more, to invest my time and energy and passion into what I love and to help people on the deepest level possible. I wanted to help people end the "inner tug of war" and to break patterns. I wanted to empower people through my own expertise, rather than the limited non-profit work I was doing. It was fulfilling, but I knew I was meant for something greater and I wanted to help people create lasting change in their lives.


It was time to take a Leap of Heart...

This inner calling was so intense that it pushed me to keep moving forward with courage that just felt natural, necessary. I've faced some of my biggest fears because of this "invisible" guiding force. Even my biggest fear of all: pregnancy and childbirth! With lots of research and preparation, I was able to birth to my daughter, Viviana in 2012 without fear, and it was a natural water birth. So now that I had a "successful" career, I decided to resign... I actually ended up resigning twice. Why? Because to me, the definition of success is not about how much I do or what I definition of success is: being able to do what lights you up and frees you up to be who you are.


Because of this definition, I've taken many leaps of heart in my life. A leap of heart is when you know in your heart that you have to do something that will bring about a big change in your life, but it's scary or doesn't make logical sense. Taking a leap of heart in my life and career has taught me so much as a creative, a mother, and a professional. Now I get to do what lights me up FULL TIME! I am 19 years after my initial "awakening", passionately supporting other conscious creatives who know they are here for something "greater than"- a purpose that is not a cookie-cutter job, or someone else's idea of success. You get to define your version of success, fulfillment and contribution. It's your unique blueprint.

I've learned that perception is everything. Establishing new beliefs, definitions, automatic subconscious programs, and processing any leftover emotions (from childhood usually) can shift your perception. But there's so much more to the process too. Self-realization is a lifetime practice. Learning how to navigate your "human technology" is the key to awakening your fullest potential and continuing to do so, exponentially- for your life, the ones you love and for the greater good of humanity.


We are all answering a collective deep inner calling to co-create a positive impact in the world through helping others, but in a way that is uniquely individualized. The clients I help are here to share their unique magic with the world and confidently show up for the people they are here to serve (whether they are super clear on what that is yet or not).


I believe I am here to empower you to fast-track your own personal healing journey so you can find inner peace, and come back into wholeness with yourself (at the core) so you can actually care deeply about your success. If momentum is your thing, of course.


With support, it's possible to fast-track your healing and personal growth. That kind of forward movement and expansion has the potential to not only help your relationships, confidence and inner world, but it will begin to positively shape your outer world and those around you. As within so without. It's definitely a journey, but it's SO worth it, in my opinion.


To sum all of this up...I truly believe that a kind and caring relationship with yourself is the #1 needle-mover in your life, and that it will give you the ability to emanate and amplify your energy so new opportunities, resources and support can flow into every single aspect of your life. All of this begins with connecting intimately with your heart and getting to know what lights you up so that, when it's time, you can take your next big leap of heart with ease.


(Below is a photo I took at one of my favorite spots on the Sonoma County Coastline: Goat Rock.)


I'm a...

  • Certified Health Coach through HCI.

  • Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through AADP.

  • And many other little diplomas and certifications that are now in a file folder gathering dust...

  • Oh- and I'm currently working toward an undergraduate degree in Natural Medicine.


  • My "inner critic" loves me now. Seriously.

  • Over $100K investment in personal growth and knowledge in coaching for health and wellness, business, personal transformation, life and spirituality, as well as studies in Metaphysics, Unified Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Energy Healing Modalities and so much more.

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