The #1 way to clear your mind during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Snow-capped Mt. Shasta photo by Bianca Diana

I took this photo of Mt. Shasta on my birthday, May 29, 2017. Mt. Shasta was the most pristine high-vibe places I have ever been. Then again, I'm not a world traveler so I don't have much to compare it to. However, the air, the way the land "spoke to me" and the clarity of the guidance I received about where to go and what to do to have the experience I wanted (and didn't realize I was supposed to have at the time) was clear as a voice on a loud speaker in my skull. It was quite an experience because I had not realized how instantaneous guidance and intuition could be until the moment I was told "go into that store" and so I did. I had no clue why I was in that shop or what I was supposed to do there, but I soon found myself in conversation with the woman running the shop...that lasted 2 hours. All of my questions I had been pondering that day were answered and she was like a tour guide of my personal journey and provided with me with the name of the next location I was to visit based on where I had been already. It felt so right, but I still have it on my bucket list to visit again since I had to make the 4 hour trip back home that day.

The thoughts that boomed from the loud speaker in my skull while I walked through downtown Mount Shasta, and also while I hiked up the Castle Lake Trail that day, demonstrate the power of a clear mind. I was able to listen and respond to ideas and thoughts that felt almost like gentle directions and experience a day that flowed from one experience to the next without any force. Just a powerful flow, like a warm breeze gently moving me from one place to the next.

Illuminated Waterfall photo by Bianca Diana

The environment I was in felt so nourishing, clean, and clear. Even the city itself was free of the usual interference most cities produce perhaps due to the lack of nearby cities and overall calm and clear collective consciousness of the people and the land. I was embraced by the frequency of the land and that majestic volcano towering over the quaint village. It resonated with my energy field, allowing me the opportunity to be completely present and to introspect quietly. New knowledge and information was brought to my conscious awareness in real-time. What a beautiful experience it was and it showed me what is truly possible when we are fully present, tuned in, and receptive to the information that is streaming through our minds without interference.

Mossy Tree in Mount Shasta photo by Bianca Diana

This brief snapshot of my experience in Mount Shasta and the surrounding area is in stark contrast to our current "reality" and the environment that we are all living in right now on the planet. It's not the planet itself, but rather the structure of our society and the health pandemic we find ourselves in that has drastically changed our way of living. Going to work, school, out to eat at a restaurant, to the local park, or even our grandma's birthday party are a thing of the past and a hopeful wish for the future. All of the structures of our societies and life on Earth as we know it are showing us their true colors right now. What is not working (and has not been working for quite some time) is in the spotlight for us all to see now. It's a chaos on ice and it's hard to ignore. Nor should it be. Our minds are swirling with questions, fears, doubts, and what-ifs. We are now wondering what we are supposed to do with our we even need to work if there is enough money to keep the stock market afloat? Do we need the stock market? What matters the most to us right now? We are also witnessing a lot of people get sick and wondering if our loved ones will be OK. However, there is one thing we can do to get through all of this and hopefully not have to experience another pandemic or difficult event.

So without further ado...the #1 way to clear your mind amidst all of the chaos in the world is to GO OUTSIDE and exercise. Connect with nature and move your body as much as possible.

If the park is closed just being outside your front or back door will suffice. Go for a walk, bike, run, jog, do yoga, pull some weeds or garden, and absolutely stand with your bare feet on the earth if you can! Any activity that gets you out of your head and into your body is the key to a calm state of being. Raise your temperature and sweat. Raise your heartbeat to circulate your blood. Jump, dance, or just move your body by practicing any form of exercise. This will move your lymph, which doesn't circulate when we are still. Move enough to get really tired, exhausted even! Your mind will then unwind and clear as you relax. Plus, moving your body is a great way to move the extra energy it has picked up from the environment during the day (not only your immediate environment but what's going on everywhere right now is being broadcast by media, radio, and all of the people on the planet right now. We can feel it.). Most of the anxiety/stress and restlessness we are experiencing right now seems to be because of the energy that is getting stuck in our bodies. When it is not allowed to fully process and move out of our physical and energetic bodies it becomes trapped and so it tries to move. Energy is information that moves. It is in constant motion. So if it is trapped in your body it can feel like anxiety. So please, take care of yourself and move your body! Then let your mind and your body rest. In the moments of calm and rest that follow, pay attention to the information that comes to you (even if it is 5 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour or more). Like a day in Mount Shasta, you will receive the guidance that you need more clearly and the Truth of what is really happening right now will unfold for you. You are loved and you are needed right now. So take care of yourself in these uncertain times. xo

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