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For the conscious creative who has a calling to make a positive impact!

Would you like to learn a simple, yet powerful way to finally eliminate the root cause of what is really holding you back from doing what you love?

Imagine...finally being able to pursue your passion(s) and take action instead of telling yourself that it can wait, or that you're not ready yet.


Fast-track your personal growth, improve your relationships (master self-love), and begin to experience lasting shifts in only 3-6 months.

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"This was an extraordinary experience. A truly magical one. Because of this work together, I returned to my true self. I finally realized that I am perfect as I am. That it is safe to be me. That I can trust my inner wisdom. Step by step I connected to the whole of who I am. And I am loving it! " - Meri A., Los Angeles CA

💎🧬 We all want to know the truth that sets us free, but few will say YES to this type of conscious journey or this level of support to fast-track their results.


If you're ready to experience REAL self-love and inner peace then definitely keep reading....


Just know that there is no magic button. I repeat, there is NO magic button. However, with guidance there are magical results! So really, it's like the magic button is within you.

Once you begin the conscious journey of self-realization and personal expansion it becomes a lifetime practice, because everything that is false must be released.

This program was created to guide and support you each step of the way for as little or as long as you'd like. This way, integrating each shift is faster and smoother.

Are you...

✅Sick of the same old story repeating itself?

✅Wondering how to get out of the mind-trap (inner tug of war) so you can feel into what is right for you instead of second-guessing yourself or doing what everyone else says you should?

✅Afraid of messing up or failing so you set aside your passion project for some distant future?

✅Trying to live someone else’s version of success, only to feel disappointed?

✅Exhausted, overwhelmed, confused and unsure of what your best next action step is?


💕If you said YES to any of the above then it’s time for a Magical Life Upgrade!🦄

What You Can Expect...

🌈Gain clarity about WHY you’re stressed or overwhelmed and how to move forward

🌈Process your emotions, effectively

🌈Eliminate stress & anxiety for body, heart and mind coherence

🌈Naturally re-establish healthy personal and energetic protection (boundaries)

🌈Improvements in self-esteem including liking and even loving yourself more *Gasp!


How is this different from other coaching programs?


Magical Mindset Shifts go way beyond simple re-frames (or habit-forming) and bring your brain into the quantum field of possibilities to completely shift the subtle paradigms that are getting in the way of your unique life’s purpose or blocking you from taking massive aligned action on what matter's the most to you. This way, you can actually feel capable of moving through your life’s circumstances and do so with more ease and grace. 


Yes, YOU can absolutely do this work and get results. No, it doesn’t mean your life will be perfect...it means you will understand how to navigate your life no matter what challenges you face or what chaos is happening around you. (it’s 2020, so this is KEY for us right now and is part of our human experience in our lifetime)



Biofield Energy Therapy dissolves, clears, and transmutes the information in your subconscious and in your energy field so you can go beyond breakthroughs and experience lasting results. (This is my own Biofield Energy Therapy Modality and does not have a name yet.)



Custom-tailored to your unique core blueprint. The information that is the essence of your true SELF guides your journey of self-realization in your life. This is an intelligence that goes beyond me, but that I will help you tap into during our sessions together. You will also develop your innate abilities and sensitivities to this informational field and intelligence so you can feel more grounded and clear on your life path.



Learn how to break the cycles and patterns of conditioning from your childhood that you were likely not taught at home or in school! (hint: these findings are grounded in quantum unified physics, epigenetics, neuroscience and biochemistry to name a few)

Client Magic


Kinga G.

Holistic Health Coach

Bianca is the real deal! She understands what I'm going through and guides me to go down to the limited beliefs that sabotage me from living a happy life as a single mom. She is practical and down to Earth with her practice, an amazing healer and a powerful coach. She really helps you get out of your head and into your heart. My favorite part about working with Bianca is her healing. Bianca is the Queen of healers. She understands the divine feminine energy. She will support you to fully embody your greatness and release any fear that is stopping you from moving forward. Since working with Bianca, my anxiety and fear dissipated, I'm more productive and energetic, and my relationship with self and children is more positive.

Ozro H.

Confidence Coach

Bianca has an uncanny gift of seeing things in a way that helped me cut right to the heart of the problem. From there, she then helped me to release said blocks. Once those blocks were gone, so many other things started to fall into place. Prior to working with Bianca, one of my biggest challenges was being able to tap into my own feelings and clearly articulate my wants and desires to myself, let alone others. Three benefits I've experienced since working with Bianca are: 1) Acknowledgement and acceptance of my own feelings and emotions. 2) The ability to show up in a more authentic and natural way, minus the armor. 3) Developed the ability to turn into my past-self and forgive any mistakes I've made.

Daniel W.

Before working with Bianca, I had a lot of anxiety and stress, but now I have less anxiety, I’m more present, and I’m hopeful for the future and the potential growth it will bring. I’m also more aware of what I want. I know from firsthand experience that ignoring core internal issues can feel easy, but life is way too short to allow your life energy to be wasted battling and ignoring yourself...Even though the things being worked on can be heavy or difficult, I always felt an ease in the way Bianca approached the issue at hand.

🎟Next Steps...

If You feel like something is holding you back from making progress in your personal life or business no matter what you try (and you’ve tried a lot of different ways) and you're ready to move forward and invest in yourself...


Option A: Book a Free 15-min Clarity Call 

 -If we are a good fit, we will set up another call to discuss what's best for you

 -If this program is NOT for you, we'll still discover your best next action step


Option B: DIY (do it yourself).

Opt-in for the Free PDF (coming soon) and try out the method I use with my private clients!


🌍🌟Learn how to go from a lack of self-love, shaming, blaming and self-criticism, to caring so much about yourself that you expand all possibilities in your life and therefore positively benefit those around you!


🌈⭐️ My mission is to help you fast-track your results AND empower you to feel capable of continuing the journey without me in as little as 6-12 months (unless you want to keep me by your side, that's OK too!).


So, feel into your heart...and if you resonate with this level of support and are ready to dive in...

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